2023 OOH Market

Egypt’s 2023 OOH Market Overview

February 14, 2024

Egypt's Outdoor Advertising Hit a Record EGP 3.9 Billion in 2023.

AdMazad, the developer of Egypt’s only out-of-home (OOH) advertising performance measurement and analytics tool - AdMetrics, released its annual market report, announcing that the total outdoor advertising rental in 2023 reached a record of EGP 3.9 billion, up from EGP 3.2 billion in 2022, despite the challenges. AdMazad recorded these trends based on audits from 42,700 billboards across Greater Cairo and Alexandria.

Full Report Available Here 

Moreover, The market's strength was driven by sector diversification. The FMCG industry saw a significant 80% increase. Real estate followed as a top spender.

Regional Expansion and Purchasing Power

Furthermore, Strategic regional expansion into Delta and Upper Egypt catered to increasing purchasing power. Growth is expected to increase in 2024.

Egypt's Outdoor Advertising Hit a Record EGP 3.9 Billion in 2023.

Effectiveness of OOH Advertising

Additionally, In 2023, brands embracing OOH advertising saw an impressive 8% increase. The medium's limited currency exposure resulted in a growing share in the media mix of large advertisers, fueling a remarkable 20% annual growth.

Client Testimonial: FMCG Sector

Notably, Ahmed El Naggar, Corporate Media Head at L’Oreal Group, and a top FMCG advertiser and client on AdMetrics, commented on the role of OOH advertising in their brand funnels and the impact of AdMazad's insights on media planning and location selection.

Other key metrics released in the report that indicate a maturing market:

  • Total impressions: 141.7 billion - up 26% from 2022

  • Number of advertisers: 1,100, up 7.7% from 2022

  • Billboards utilized: 32,200 up 5.1% with market utilization reaching 76% up from 72% in 2022

  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM): EGP 27.4, down 8.3% from 2022, indicating a more competitive market, with advertisers demanding greater value for their investments.

  • Brands peaked in Ramadan, while billboard utilization peaked in November, highlighting strategic campaign timing.

ٍSector Growth:

  • Sectors with the highest ِgrowth rate: FMCGs with an annual growth rate of 80%, Hospitality  sector at 57%, and Financial Services at 36%.

  • Sectors with the highest advertising share: the real estate sector at 49%, followed by FMCGs at 11%, Hospitality  at 6%, and the telecom sector at 5%.

Top Locations In Cairo: 

  • October Bridge remains in the lead with 19% of the budget, capitalizing on its high traffic for maximum brand exposure, while the monorail construction on Mehwar Avenue pushed brands towards the combined October & Zayed zone (16%), and East Cairo with a 15% cemented its rising appeal in the OOH landscape

  • While top spenders dominate October Bridge and the Ring Road, East Cairo and & Sheikh Zayed offer more brand diversity due to the prevalence of smaller formats.

  • Furthermore, Central, East, and New Cairo have the lowest visual congestion scores, indicating higher potential audience reach and message recall.

Lastly, AdMazad’s integration of digital technologies in the OOH advertising landscape significantly enhanced the market  in Egypt, enabling brands to tailor outdoor advertisements to specific audiences, expanding geographic reach, and increasing relevancy and impact. 

About AdMazad 

AdMazad was founded in 2015 as a data-driven end-to-end solution provider for outdoor advertising. The company helps advertisers enhance value creation on their OOH campaigns through the use of data and proprietary analytical tools that allow better planning, cost optimization, and performance measurement. AdMazad also developed Egypt’s first online search engine for billboards, services include direct media sales and third party audits.

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