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About AdMazad

Transforming Outdoor Advertising with Data-Driven Insights

AdMazad isn't your typical outdoor advertising company. Founded in 2015, we're pioneers in the industry, dedicated to transforming how OOH advertising is measured and executed across Egypt. We offer a powerful combination of strategic OOH placements and cutting-edge data analytics, serving the largest advertising agencies and brands in the country.

Premium OOH Inventory & Seamless Execution:

We understand the power of a well-placed billboard. Our team doesn't just offer a wide selection of high-visibility OOH spaces, including billboards and Digital OOH (DOOH) displays, across prime locations in over 20 Egyptian cities – from bustling Cairo and Alexandria to the developing regions of the Delta and Upper Egypt. We leverage our deep understanding of the Egyptian market to ensure your ad reaches the right audience at the right time. Our experienced team goes the extra mile to handle every detail of your campaign, from finding the perfect spot, to navigating permits, printing, installation, and maintenance. This ensures a smooth and successful campaign that delivers maximum impact.

Introducing AdMetrics: The Power of Data for OOH Advertising

But we go beyond just finding great locations. We're pioneers of OOH performance measurement in Egypt. We believe real success comes from understanding how your audience interacts with your OOH placements. That's where AdMetrics comes in. This innovative platform, the first of its kind in Egypt, offers real-world data analysis to give you a deeper understanding of your campaign's effectiveness. AdMetrics utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze real-life information and outdoor media consumption patterns. This translates into actionable insights that empower you to:
  • Make data-driven decisions: Optimize billboard placements, understand competitor strategies, and ensure your campaigns deliver maximum impact.
  • Experience transparency and efficiency: Gain complete visibility into campaign performance and streamline the booking process, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Track performance and measure success: Go beyond estimates with AdMetrics' data-driven approach to campaign measurement.

AdMazad & AdMetrics: The Winning Combination

With AdMazad, you get the best of both worlds: premium OOH inventory, strategic execution, and the power of data analytics. We don't just sell space; we empower you to create impactful outdoor advertising campaigns that drive real results. Ready to transform your approach to OOH advertising? Contact AdMazad today and see the difference data-driven insights can make.


  • Measuring OOH effectivness
  • Simplifying OOH Selection
  • Generating Savings


By injecting data and a focus on the advertiser's experience we transform how Out of Home Advertising is being searched, selected, booked and measured by Agencies and Advertisers alike.


  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Focused
  • Data Driven

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