Top Viewed Brands on Egyptian Roads

November 9, 2022

Egypt's Top Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

Egypt's Top Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

Why Egypt's Top Outdoor Advertising Campaigns? Every morning at AdMazad we quantify the typically unmeasurable, Outdoor Advertising performance. Our AdMetrics platform provides actionable insights to advertisers. Our algorithm measures billboards across 18 different elements. Ultimately allowing advertisers to plan and assess more effective campaigns. 

This month we will share with you some of the top line findings from October 2022. After reviewing 3,200 billboards and OOH campaigns by 529 brands and 450 advertisers this October, we are happy to reveal the Top Viewed Brands on Egyptian Roads. But first here are some key takeaways:

  • AdSpace Utilization dropped in October to 71% with 2264 utilized billboards

  • Number of brands and Advertisers using OOH in October jumped by 5%

  • New Cairo & Ring Road had highest share of AdSpend claiming 18% each

  • Real Estate was the leading industry followed by FMCG and Entertainment & Events

The Top 10 Viewed Brands on Egyptian Roads

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