And it’s impact on consumer behavior

May 15, 2018

Shockvertising in the Egyptian Outdoor Market

Despite the generally conservative nature of the Egyptian community, a few trends of shockvertising have emerged in recent years, sparking reactions.

  1. Shockvertising Definition: Shockvertising intends to provoke the audience with controversial content.

  2. Emerging Trends: Despite the conservative community, shockvertising trends have appeared.

  3. Public Reactions: People reacted strongly to these shockvertising campaigns.

The “Sunny Cooking Oil” Campaign

moreover, The “Sunny Cooking Oil” campaign used a familiar Egyptian expression about 'spinsters', framing it as a question. People did not receive it well, and the campaign was seen as derogatory.

  1. Campaign Description: The campaign used a derogatory term against women.

  2. Offensive Nature: People were offended by the campaign's message.

  3. Negative Reaction: The campaign faced backlash and was criticized for promoting violence.

“Uber” Campaign Backlash

lastly, “Uber” Egypt faced backlash when its campaign joked about avoiding driving your mother-in-law. The campaign was banned shortly after by the Consumer Protection Authority of Egypt.

  1. Campaign Description: Uber's campaign joked about avoiding mothers-in-law.

  2. Public Reaction: Mothers-in-law were displeased with the campaign.

  3. Legal Action: The campaign was banned due to public and legal pressure.

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