Summer time

Stand Out This Summer

May 17, 2023

Are you looking to maximize your brand's exposure this summer? Look no further than outdoor advertising in Sahel! With the expansion and development of the coastal road network, it's now easier than ever to reach your target audience in this exclusive summer destination.

But first, a quick review of last summer!

AdMetrics, AdMazad’s proprietary OOH performance measurement tool tracked OOH usage by 657 brands during the Summer of 2022 with total rental expenditure of EGP 912 million, utilizing over 6,100 billboards.

The decrease in supply of inventory in 2022 in Sahel, resulted in Cairo capturing over 85% of total expenditure for the season.

So what does that mean for my brand?

The completion of the road network late last year resulted in an increase supply of inventory, including the launch of new types that were not offered last year. This increase in types and supply, a long with a strong appetite from the Real Estate sector point towards a strong rebound in 2023 and for OOH in Sahel to capture a much larger share of the pie than it had in 2022.

We expect brands to continue a balanced approach in using OOH in both Greater Cairo and Sahel simultaneously. We expect Real Estate to lead the growth, but with strong participation from the Telecom, FMCG & Financial Services sectors.

To learn more about how OOH can amplify your brands awareness, trustworthiness and reach we invite you for a complimentary 45 minute consultation with our AdSpace experts. Get in touch with our AdSpace consultants and learn how we can help your brand stand out and get noticed in Sahel!

So What is in offer for 2023?

Sahel Inventory expanded from the Static Bridge locations and 6x3s offered last year. Large investments in new DOOH inventory as well as new unipoles and mirrors.

We are happy to announce that we have cataloged and brought to you over 500 faces of OOH assets across Sahel and Wadi Natroun catalogued and awaiting your brand. 2023 Inventory includes:

Browse the entire Sahel inventory on, Egypt's first OOH search engine.

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