Black Friday 2023

Outdoor Advertising’s Enduring Impact on the Black Friday Retail Landscape

December 17, 2023

The Impact of OOH in the Black Friday Arena

Black Friday 2023 defied conventional wisdom, revealing a surprising shift in outdoor advertising (OOH) strategies that propelled it to the forefront of retail success. While the number of participating brands decreased compared to 2022, their strategic approach to OOH transformed the landscape, leading to a significant impact on the retail landscape.

A significant shift emerged in 2023, departing from the traditional approach of isolated brand messaging. Instead, strategic partnerships flourished, exemplified by collaborations between Raneen and Haier Group, as well as Noon and Oxi, Samsung, and others. This strategic move not only maximized OOH budgets and amplified reach but also allowed for a unified Black Friday narrative to resonate powerfully with the target audience.

OOH's Seamless Integration into the Omnichannel Symphony

OOH's effectiveness was further enhanced by its seamless integration with other marketing channels, particularly social media. Black Friday frontrunner Noon, for instance, orchestrated a multi-platform campaign, mirroring their striking OOH visuals across social media feeds. This omnichannel synergy ensured consistent brand messaging across touchpoints, driving brand awareness.

Data-Driven Insights Unveiling OOH's ROI Potential

Data analysis revealed that while the number of participating brands decreased, overall OOH spending remained robust, with Noon emerging as the top spender. This highlights the undeniable ROI potential of OOH, particularly when combined with smart partnerships and integrated marketing campaigns. Here is breakdown MoLY.

Traffic Patterns and Target Audiences: How Black Friday Billboards Maximized Reach

Black Friday's ad war wasn't confined to small formats around city squares. The real action unfolded on congested roads where cars crawled and drivers had plenty of time to soak in the deals. Forget quick glances - these strategic billboards, planted along high-traffic routes, turned every congestion and bumper-to-bumper crawl into a captive audience. But where exactly did these deals ambush drivers? Let's take a closer look…

The tree chart shows how the four advertisers allocated their billboards across different zones. As you can see, Ring Road received the most billboards, blanketing key areas with their Black Friday Campaigns.

Beyond sheer volume, cost per thousand impressions (CPM) tells a different story. October Bridge and Central Cairo reign supreme despite fewer ads, thanks to captive audiences and high visibility. Ring Road, while reaching many, sees faster turnover, lowering its CPM due to less engaged viewers.

Strategic Partnerships: The Driving Force Behind OOH's Spending Trends

The 39% decrease in OOH spending from last year can be attributed to two factors: the absence of major players like Amazon and the strategic shift towards retailer and e-commerce cross-functioning partnerships. These partnerships enabled brands to pool resources, optimize their OOH campaigns, and maximize their impact on the Black Friday shopping frenzy.

OOH: A Potent Weapon for Retail Supremacy

The data paints a clear picture: OOH is not a mere relic of the past; it's a potent force that, when wielded strategically, can drive significant retail success. As brands prepare for the upcoming Black Friday battleground, OOH emerges as a powerful weapon in their arsenal. Embracing collaboration, orchestrating omnichannel synergy, and unleashing the power of OOH can propel brands to retail supremacy.

If you're ready to explore how OOH can elevate your campaign, reach out to us Let's discuss how we can tailor an OOH strategy that aligns seamlessly with your campaign objectives. 

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