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Outdoor Advertising Tips

June 27, 2018

Outdoor advertising campaigns not only require a big budget, but a well-planned and thought out campaign strategy to ensure higher customer engagement and the best brand exposure possible.

Traffic Density

Make sure your AdSpace location is somewhere with high traffic density. One or two billboards on such a road rather than five on low-traffic density roads can ensure millions of views for your campaign, making it more efficient and less costly. Now with AdMazad you can ensure you picked the perfect adspace for your brand, so hop on over to our AdSpace Search Engine and take a look


Don’t underestimate the power of your visuals. Your design needs to deliver the message but also needs to stand out. Your audience have to be compelled to look at and read your billboard all in a matter of seconds. Make it original and memorable, make it pop!


Look at other billboards. Is your campaign overshadowed? Do you need to outsmart your competition's messaging? Consider campaign timing, location, and size in relation to that of your competitors, all of which by the way, you can do with the help of our Competition Assessment reports. 

Less is More

Keep it simple. Your ad has only a few seconds to reach your audience, so keep your message short, legible and catchy.

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