Billboard Utilization up by 31% in August

OOH market continues its COVID recovery

September 6, 2020

Press Release

For the second month in a row, the OOH market continued its journey to COVID recovery. During the summer, 73% of billboards around the North Coast were utilized, while Cairo’s peak reached 59%, based on data insights by AdMazad, the data-driven solution provider for out-of-home (OOH) advertising. The company noted a 31% increase in utilization rate of billboards across Cairo month-on-month in August, as the OOH industry is recovering for the second consecutive month.

August Shows a 31% increase in Cairo's Billboard Utilization

Automotive & Real Estate Advertisements Drive Recovery

Utilization rate around Cairo jumped to almost 60% in August after reaching an all-time low at the beginning of the lockdown. Billboards by candidates for the Senate elections helped in inching that number upwards, as well as the automotive sector taking up 102 billboards in Cairo during the last month of the summer, compared to only 13 billboards in June. Real estate, media, home appliances, and the automotive sectors were the only ones who either met or beat their figures from the previous year,” AdMazad Founder Assem Memon said. “They rose by 101%, 266%, 171% and 175%, respectively.”

2020 Utilization by Industry

Egypt-based AdMazad analyzed the performance of over 3,000 large billboards across Greater Cairo and the North Coast throughout the months of March and August 2020, examining how these billboards perform in terms of utilization, visibility, dwell-time of viewers and maintenance. The company helps advertisers make better OOH ad placements by identifying trends and opportunities through real-life, real-time data.

Advertisers focusing on holiday-makers

The utilization rate of billboards in the North Coast, one of Egypt’s most popular holiday destinations, stood at 73% during the summer of 2020, which is 8% higher than during the same season last year. 

The real estate sector took up 10% more billboards than in 2019, representing 28 different developers and 78% of all utilized adspace, while the presence of FMCGs, financial services, healthcare and automotive significantly shrunk year-on-year. The Ministry of Health utilized 5% of all adspace with its COVID-19 awareness campaign.

“A large segment of targeted audiences decided to flock to the sea over the summer after the coronavirus fears had rattled the year 2020,” Memon said. “Advertisers realized that; however, this year’s advertising season was much shorter. Typically, most installations are done by late June - this year, most of them were put up by late July.”

Recovery Expected to Continue

Recovery of the OOH sector overall is expected to continue in September with the “back-to-school” season, and October with the expected parliamentary elections and expo-season restarting.  “We are expecting the utilization rate across Egypt to continue improving as the economy solidly opens up,” Memon explained. “However, pre-COVID-19 numbers will probably only be attained by the first quarter of 2021.”

About AdMazad

AdMazad was founded as a data-driven, end-to-end solution provider to elevate the out-of-home (OOH) advertising sector. The company quantifies a so far unquantifiable advertising channel via its algorithm, analyzing real-life data and outdoor media consumption to help advertisers make better decisions on OOH ad placements. Pioneering as a game-changer of the industry, AdMazad’s hassle-free and transparent process allows advertisers to smoothly plan, book, audit, monitor and evaluate their OOH billboard activities, ensuring highest value and impact for money. To date, AdMazad has curated more than 3000 outdoor-advertising spaces, all made available on its AdSpace search engine and interactive map. Contact AdMazad for more details or media requests. 

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