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How an Unknown 100-Year-Old Granny Revived Spain’s Subway Advertising

July 10, 2024

A DAVID Madrid & JCDecaux Success Story

Spain's investment in Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising had been on a steep decline. JCDecaux, a leader in outdoor advertising, needed a creative spark to demonstrate the efficacy of its OOH sites. DAVID Madrid provided that spark, proving that even the most unlikely figures could make waves in the advertising world.

A Viral Sensation in the Making

The solution came in the form of Marina Prieto, an unknown 100-year-old grandmother with a modest social media presence of just 28 followers. DAVID Madrid turned her into an overnight sensation. They filled JCDecaux billboards throughout Madrid’s subway stations with Marina’s humble Instagram posts—images of her watering plants, enjoying churros, and napping. These everyday moments were now the face of hundreds of prime advertising spaces.

Madrid Wakes Up to Marina

The following morning, curiosity swept through Madrid. The city buzzed with one question: "Who is Marina Prieto?" Commuters and social media users alike were captivated. People started searching for her online, discussing her, and even snapping selfies with her billboard images. The mystery surrounding Marina grew as speculation spread—was she part of a brand campaign? A family tribute? A real person? An extraordinary birthday celebration?

The Viral Impact

Marina's presence on over 300 JCDecaux outdoor media spaces in the metro, which had previously been left unsold, triggered a massive social media storm. Her followers skyrocketed by an astounding 39,285%, and her engagement rates shot up by 13,405%. People were not just noticing; they wanted to interact with and even collaborate with Marina.

Revealing the Mastermind

At the height of the buzz, JCDecaux revealed their involvement at the Effies, a prestigious industry event. By showcasing the viral success of Marina Prieto, JCDecaux effectively demonstrated the power and reach of subway advertising. This strategic move convinced brands to reinvest in the medium.

A Record-Breaking Outcome

The campaign's success was nothing short of phenomenal. Over 180 brands, including heavyweights like Havaianas, Samsung, and HBO Max, returned to subway advertising, leading to record-breaking bookings for JCDecaux.

In conclusion, DAVID Madrid and JCDecaux’s innovative use of a 100-year-old granny’s Instagram account not only revived interest in Spain’s subway advertising but also highlighted the untapped potential of OOH media. This case is a testament to the power of creativity and the unexpected in the world of advertising.

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