Every. Billboard. Counts.

As Egypt's premium aggregator of OOH Outdoor Advertising, every month we map, track and monitor over 5000 of Egypt's billboards. Our data driven approach provides the only accurate method of designing and selecting your Outdoor Advertising locations while measuring each billboard's impact.


AdMazad brings this wealth of data is all at your fingertips, starting with our AdSpace Search Engine that allows you hassle free bookings.  AdMazad will help design, build and execute your next high-impact outdoor advertising campaign. Our proprietary tools and dashboards will give you unparalleled insights about your OOH campaigns and their performance.


With AdMazad, Every. Billboard. Counts. Get in touch to start now.




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How an Unknown 100-Year-Old Granny Revived Spain’s Subway Advertising

JCDecaux and DAVID Madrid success story

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